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If you decide to use your computer to access PancakeSwap, you can click the ‘connect’ button located in the right corner of your screen. This is the part where you connect your wallet! The majority use Metamask and Trust wallet, however PancakeSwap supports many more!
We’ve migrated to v2 on PancakeSwap thanks to UniCrypt so make sure you are using v2. Thanks to SLC awesome redistribution mechanic, you will have to adjust your slippage tolerance to at least 1%!. Now you can adjust the slippage to 1%, and you’re almost ready to trade!

Now, you can choose which currency to buy with. If you have BNB, it’s totally fine. PancakeSwap will route the order through BNB on your behalf! For the purpose of this tutorial, let’s assume you’re buying with BNB! In the second field, you’ll have to click on ‘select a currency’.

Now you paste the SMART LION COIN contract address in: 0xe6897766ce6843d253a14b6c153dd2ca8412ce23 It may take a few seconds, but you will see the SLC token name pop up in that field. You can then select it, and we’re almost good to go! You can also click ‘add’ to save the token in the token list, so you don’t have to paste the contract in next time.

Enter the amount of BNB you’d wish to buy with. This will populate the amount of SLC you should be getting for the trade. Remember to have your slippage on 1%! If you’re happy with everything, you can finally click the ‘Swap’ button! Your wallet will then bring up a dialogue box where you will have to approve this transaction!
Congratulations on purchasing your first batch of SLC token! Hold onto them, as we’ve got a lot in store!

You can see the swap result in the next window.If the results seem correct, you can click on the ”Confirm Swap” button to complete your transaction.



Contract: 0xe6897766ce6843d253a14b6c153dd2ca8412ce23

Network: Binance Smart Chain

Total Supply: 300,000,000,000,000,000 SLC


Total locked: 98.73%

Black hole: 0 %

holders: 2000

Tax fee: 0

LP fee: 0


  • The goal of SLC SWAP is to provide a safe place to trade your valuable crypto while remaining decentralized. We are loyal to our holders, and that gives us the means to grow exponentially. We will constantly scale this Ecosystem so it may bring ever­ increasing interested parties to the SLC SWAP platform.

  • Our unique tokenomics, solid design, technical implementation, and the viral growth from our good old fashion memes, will reinforce the platform’s strength and ultimately provide residual benefits to the Ecosystem.

  • Making a swap without a budget is a unique challenge, but by tackling various genres and product lines we will build a focused development team from the community.

  • We know that with our unified force, and the power of  SLC , we will be successful in advancing the Swap and Ecosystem as a whole, so that we reach new and spectacular heights together. The best is yet to come!

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